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Fun ist ein Stahlbad

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Freitag, Januar 05, 2007

Oh my,

now that there is a subsidiary of reuters press agency in 2nd Life, they have proven to be dancing on top of the vulcano. Even the democratic party of the United States of A knows where they can dig to grow and grow and told a company to rebuild the capitol. They will be the first political party to recognize virtual worlds as a good place for advertising not only things like swords and gold (of course they'll do too, coz that's what politics is made of) but a complete political turnaround. I hope so. But why do important people not integrate something important in WoW? An Iranian ambessy in Stormwind, an Apple chain store in Gnomeregan, where's the problem dudes? It's over 7 million now living parts of their precious life in a single virtual world. And not only 1 Million 2.0-hipsters who cavort peskylike between their status symbols, burried under oldschool graphics. If you will be amused to death by these ultra chique cyberfashion parade, you won't even take a look at outside politics. If you will be ganked to death by PvP-kiddies...okay, you won't take a look either.

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